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Corporate Title: Chief Executive Officer
Sector: Professional Services
Location: U.S.

Client Request:
An international management consulting and professional services firm contacted us to assist them with recruiting a new CEO. Due to issues with their succession planning they found themselves in need of a new recruitment, and trusted us to find an executive who could lead the company. They requested an individual with a background in large global corporation and the ability to handle complex global business projects. An important factor to the client was to find an individual with truly excellent interpersonal skills as they wished for a seamless integration with the executive team.

Our Service: 
In addition to our databases, we made use of our extensive network and contacted multiple people holding senior roles in the professional services industry. Understanding the importance of both professional experience and track record, as well as interpersonal skills and behavioural characteristics, we made sure to have great personal referrals and references before even initiating the process of our own assessments and interview series.


The Outcome:
In accordance with the wishes of the clients, they were involved in every step of the way. The client made use of
our Leadership Assessment tests and met three potential candidates up until the final interview and the following
decision. As the client wished, we found a well-rounded professional executive with multiple years of senior leadership roles in the professional services sector with great experience fitting the client's needs. The integration with the executive team was immediate, and the now CEO of the client's company leads the organisation successfully.

Case Study 1: Projects
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