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Corporate Title: Senior Vice President
Sector: Private Equity
Location: U.K. and UAE

Client Request:
An expanding Private Equity firm investing across Europe, North America and the UAE asked us to assist them with the hire of a Senior VP who would be in charge of business relations, prospecting for new business & investment opportunities. They requested a candidate with a strategic mindset and extensive experience in leading roles in Private Equity in a global context. The successful candidate needed to be willing to travel frequently.


Our Service:
True to our client's requests we conducted extensive research to identify best-in-class Private Equity
professionals in executive positions. Through additional recommendations we ended up identifying candidates who all had experience in senior Private Equity roles, known for their ability to create global relationships generating revenue.


The Outcome:
We conducted an extensive interview process, consisting of 8 interviews and an assessment day. After narrowing down the shortlist to three, the partners of the firm sat in on the last interview and ended up appointing a highly experienced Senior VP who answered the prerequisites and who was happy to divide the time between the company's U.K and UAE offices.

Case Study 3: Projects
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