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  • Cynthia Miller

Transitioning into a Leadership Role

Most people have goals to move up the career ladder and grow into a leadership role. We

recommend that with every career development, and in every role, you prepare yourself

for the possibility of future development and a higher title. That way, when the time comes,

you will be better prepared to transition to the next level of leadership.

Challenging Career Move

When you move up the ranks, you may be facing new challenges which can be daunting.

There may be a lot more responsibility on your shoulders, you are held accountable for any

mistakes that occur under your watch, you are responsible for leading many employees

and ensuring that business goals are met. If you embrace these new challenges with

confidence gained from your preparation this can help you overcome any issues that may

arise during your transition into the new role.

How to Prepare for This Transition

Preparing for transitions is crucial. In every role that you have, keep a close eye on your

superior. Learn, get engaged, listen but also keep a mindful eye on your team and the

employees working under you and under your supervisor. You can learn a lot from both

sides. Once you start out in your new role, use your understanding of the full picture to be

the leader everyone wants. Part of it is knowing how to delegate, while showing your

employees that you trust them to take on new responsibilities. Doing this helps ensure that

you don’t take on too much and that the company stays on track. Another way to prepare

for this transition is to understand that you will make mistakes along the way. If things go

wrong, taking accountability and knowing what to do to remedy the issue is the difference

between a leader and someone who isn’t. Your employees and team will see this as further

proof of your competence.

Importance of Continuing Leadership Development

Some people make the mistake of thinking that since they already have a high position,

they know everything and know things better than their team. This is a mistake. The reality

is that leadership strategies and approaches are always evolving, which means that it’s

essential to invest in continuous leadership development no matter where on the ladder

you are. In addition, it’s important to realize that your team is there because they have the

expertise on the micro level which you as a leader can make use of on the macro level.

Their input, and your continuous development, will help you see things in a new light while

also helping you learn new strategies that you may not have even considered. Working on

your leadership skills will help you grow in your career, become more successful and make

your employees and company thrive. That is why Chase Edler’s leadership courses are such

a great investment.


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