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Corporate Title: Chief Operating Officer
Sector: Technology
Location: Germany

Client Request:
A high growth software company based in Germany reached out to us to find a COO who would work closely with the CEO and support the scaling and expansion of the company. Our client had clear requirements, wishing to employ someone with deep knowledge in customer communications & customer experience, and an ability to be on top of trends ensuring that the company product would continue to evolve and be competitive on the market.


Our Service:
As part of the process, we met with the CEO and the executive team to assess the company's needs and pin down the requirements for the COO-position accordingly. Using our databases and network, we searched for great firms in similar fields to that which our client operates in, and managed to identify great candidates. After assessments and interviews we presented the shortlist to the client.


The Outcome:

The client took particular liking to one of the clients and we negotiated a successful offer. The new COO became the youngest addition to the executive team and has offered brilliant insights on market trends, regional alignment, business performance and growth.

Case Study 2: Projects
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