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Great leaders are the key to success. At Chase Edler, this insight has driven us to develop and deliver services catering to the needs of the modern business world.


We add value by discovering, locating and developing leadership potential that catapults our clients to the next level of growth and success.

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Executive Search

Expert Guidance

Services: Executive Search

At Chase Edler we understand the impact a leader has on a company. Additionally, we know that most organizations have limited time or capacity to embark on an executive hunt themselves. Our purpose is to assist our clients with services that help them find their future leader. When a company expands or diversifies its leadership team, it is important to have a partner that fully understands what such a process entails. Chase Edler aims to be that partner, ensuring that the long-lasting impact will be a positive one.

We are motivated to fully comprehend the needs of our clients and adjust the Executive Search process accordingly. Understanding the current leadership, as well as the company culture and long-term goals enables us to define needs and requirements upon which we base our tailored search strategy.

Our diverse management team has personal expertise in multiple industries which creates a solid foundation for each Executive Search assignment. The management is supported by a handpicked team, carefully assembled for each assignment, with the understanding that market knowledge and industry experience is crucial. Dependent on the assignment at hand, we make use of our wide network of consultants who provide additional expertise.

Our tailored approach and understanding of multiple industries give us an upper hand, by being able to locate potential leaders from diverse industries with cross-functional abilities. The combination of our network, relationships with high-performance leaders, and our extensive databases gives us the tools to identify executive talents that match our clients' needs and requests.


Leadership Assessments

Tools for Success

Services: Leadership Assessment

A great senior leadership team is key to high-performance and success. Assessing potential leaders is an important tool for discovering future talent prior to making additions to the executive team. Our assessments are suitable both as part of the Executive Search once having identified candidates, and as a tool to identify and screen emerging leaders that may be ready to advance within the organisation.
Chase Edler’s Leadership Assessment Methodology is developed to help our clients reveal, select, and retain talent. Whether our clients are expanding their executive team, evaluating potential leaders, or wish to organize their succession plan, our services aim to deliver insights that are crucial before making business-critical decisions.
Chase Edler’s Leadership Assessment services include a combination of tests and evaluations which we apply towards identifying professional as well as personality traits. We tailor the assessment tools to fit our clients’ needs. The aim is to identify an individual's experience, leadership potential, knowledge & cultural awareness, learning ability, as well as personality traits such as adaptability, ambition and ability to motivate others. Our tools also enable us to identify potential issues which may interfere with the requests and needs of our clients.
All in all, the assessments reveal how an individual responds to the company's challenges once in a leadership position, evaluating said individual's cultural fit and how she\he will integrate and add value to the current executive team. With Chase Edler's Assessment Methodology our clients get a thorough overview of their leadership capital & potential, equipping them for growth in an ever-changing market.


Executive Development

Bespoke Programs

Services: Executive Development

Chase Edler offers bespoke Leadership Development programs tailored to fit the needs of our clients. The programs are as beneficial for the development of current executives, as they are for individuals in the process of taking on a more senior role. Our development programs will assist with preparing executives for a wide array of leadership responsibilities, developing their skills and making them even more adept at leading their company in a successful direction.


We strengthen leadership teams by focusing both on personal and professional development. Equipping talents with tools they need to become an even better leader. Our programs improve the skills required by great leaders, such as Learning Agility, Influence & Coaching, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Change Management, Effective Communication and more.


We shape our courses based on the needs of our clients and the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals undergoing our program. This process is developed to improve the professional performance of executives while building trusting relationships and loyalty - both within the team, and with internal & external stakeholders. Chase Edler is proud to take part in the development of the next generation of leadership talent, paving the way for an engaged, productive, and successful business.


Board Services

Enhance Performance

Services: Board Services

At Chase Edler we believe that a proper board composition significantly enhances company performance. We believe that a diverse set of board members with different professional backgrounds, skills, and perspectives add valuable understanding and insights.

The effect a diverse board has on strategic plans and operations is indisputable. With many years of experience in board practice, we offer bespoke services in Board Recruitment, Board Assessment and Board Advisory with the aim of creating significant impact and company success.
We utilize our understanding of the industry at hand to locate and attract diverse directors to serve on our clients' boards. Recruiting for board members, we constantly strive to find the candidate that adds value and insights in correspondence with the company's strategic objectives. With an extensive network and expertise in board recruitment, we understand the needs of our clients and tailor our search and process accordingly.

Our Board Assessments are developed to enhance performance, effectiveness and results. We asses leadership, diversity, communication and cooperation, providing actionable take-aways that will drive improvement of board performance.
Working with growth and sustainability as a goal, Chase Edler also provides Board Advisory Services. We provide insights on a wide range of topics commonly encountered by boards, advising on best practise, succession planning projects, board performance & development, director orientation and more.
Chase Edler’s Board Services provide a broad business perspective, yielding a positive long-term impact on company performance. Our aim is to be partners to our clients, helping them build the best board of directors for their needs by assisting with practical and effective solutions that provide valuable insights.


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