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Corporate Title: Non-Executive Director
Sector: Financial Services
Location: U.S.

The Client:
A fintech company reached out to us in order to help them find a non-executive director who could bolster the skills of the current board. They requested a Director with experience from the financial services sector with a demonstrated successful senior level career. The Board wished to be more diversified and hoped to add a board member who could also bring a technical vision and strategy to the table.

Our Service:
Chase Edler assisted the company by further defining the gap that the new Director would fill. We sat down with the current Board Members to get additional input about what qualities they were looking for which laid the foundation for the candidate profile. We focused our search on individuals with relevant professional backgrounds, adding the aspect of diversity. After locating potential Directors, our board consultant team provided thorough candidate assessments and we refined a final shortlist answering to our client's requests. The board reviewed the candidates and immediately took a liking to one of the candidates.

The Outcome:
After the board met with said candidate the decision was unanimous. The new Director is a C-Suite level Professional with financial services background and a special interest in trends in the technology industry. Since the hire, the new Director has become a shareholder in the company and has delivered brilliant strategical insights based on business acumen and technological insights. In addition, the new chairperson increased the diversity of the board.

Case Study 5: Project
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